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Why us?

Rupota Fabrics Ltd is an export oriented woven fabrics manufacturing Company in Bangladesh.AS a woven fabrics Manufacturer and supplier Rupota fabrics Ltd is a renowned name in the ready made garments (RMG) sector of  Bangladesh.The factory has been established in 2010.The factory is situated in Birampur ,Madavdi ,Narsingdi,Bangladesh which is only 40 km distance from the capital Dhaka. Rupota Fabrics Ltd is a member of Bangladesh Textile Mills Association(BTMA) .

Rupota Fabrics Ltd is a fully local based woven fabrics supplier and manufacturer in Bangladesh.By the domestic production of woven fabrics we can fulfill only  30 to 35% of total demand  against our export order.Now  garments delivery lead time is decreasing day by day due to fast fashion trend.So local woven fabrics manufacturer  will play a vital role in future in our RMG sector.

We are offering all common fabrics that are usually used for making top and bottom garments.The gsm range of fabrics  for bottom garments are 180-450 gsm of twill,canvas,calico,cotton spandex,oxford,panama canvas and their derivatives.And for top garments items  gsm range are  70-200 for sheeting,poplin,voile and their derivatives.

From the starting period of the journey we have been producing  high quality woven fabrics for global renowned buyer.We produce various kinds of woven fabrics based on fabric composition and fabric structure as well as design.Our main focus product composition is 100% cotton,100% viscose,100% Polyester,Cotton-spandex blend,Cotton-polyester blend(CVC,PC),Cotton -viscose blend,cotton-linen blend.The end use of our product is shirting & panting as well as lining and pocketing fabrics.

Based on design we are producing solid dyed,all over print,digital all over print,yarn dyed check,yarn dyed stripe ,cotton chambray,cvc chambray ,oxford chambray,cvc oxford chambray.herringbone yarn dyed ,dobby yarn dyed and solid,Regarding quality issue and compare with imported fabric -Rupota fabrics Ltd may be your right choice as your woven fabrics supplier.

Enjoy With Us

  • Firstly you will enjoy price benefit from us than other company
  • Secondly We ensure superior quality
  • Thirdly  We ensure on time delivery
  • Finally  we ensure integrity at the every stage.

      Our concentration        customer  satisfaction

Our Regular product


100% cotton twill fabric|Cotton-spandex twill fabric|100% viscose twill fabric|100% polyester twill fabric|CVC/PC twill fabric|Sateen twill fabric|Herringbine twill fabric|Baby twill fabric|100% polyester micro twill|Broken twill Fabric|

*Fabric Finish width is 58”  *We can customize all products as per customer requirement.

2.Cotton-spandex Twill


*Fabric Finish width is 53/54″ *We can customize all products as per customer requirement.

3.Canvas,Panama canvas & oxford

1oo% cotton canvas|100% Cotton Panama Canvas|100% Cotton oxford canvas|100% polyester canvas|

*Fabric finish width is 58” *Customize available

4.Ribstop & Dobby Design

20×20/108×58 cotton Ribstop|20×16/128×60 cotton Ribstop|20X20/108×58 TC Ribstop|20×16/128×60 TC Ribstop.

*Fabric Finish width is 58” *We can customize all products as per customer requirement.


5.Poplin & Voile

100% cotton Poplin 105 gsm|100% cotton poplin 115 gsm|100% cotton poplin 130 gsm|100% viscose poplin 115 gsm|100% viscose poplin 130 gsm|

*Fabric width is 57” * We can customize as per customer requirements.


20×20/52×54 cotton sheeting|20×20/60×60 cotton Sheeting|30×30/60×60 cotton sheeting|30×30/68×68 cotton sheeting|

*Fabric width is 57” * We can customize as per customer requirements.

7.Yarn Dyed check & Stripe

100% cotton Y/D |100% Viscose Y/D |100% polyester| CVC/PC |45×45 TC yarn dyed |

*Fabric finish width 58” *Customization available

8.Yarn dyed Chambray & Oxford

Cotton Chambray|CVC chambray|Denim chambray|Cotton oxford|CVC oxford|

*Fabric Finish width 58” * Customization available for construction and gsm.

9.Flannel Fabric

Cotton Flannel|CVC Flannel|PC Flannel

* Fabric finish width 58” *Customization available for construction ,gsm and width.

10.All over print

AOP on cotton|AOP on Viscose|AOP on CVC/PC|

*Fabric Finish width 58” * Customization available for gsm,construction and width.

11.Pocketing/lining Fabric

Cotton Pocketing|TC Pocketing|TR Pocketing|Cotton Herringbone|TC Herringbone|TR Herrinbone|

*Fabric finish width is 43” or 56” *Customization available for construction ,gsm.

12.Tafetta & Quilt fabric

190T Taffeta|210T Taffeta|Printed Taffeta|Quilting with Padding|

*Fabric finish width is 58” * Customization available for padding weight and quilt design.

About us

Rupota Group is a privately owned company who have been serving in country’s textile sector since 2010. The Group consists of three individual production unit named 1. Rupota Fabrics Ltd., 2. M. Rahman Quilting and Padding Ltd. and 3. Kohinur Textile & one tours and travels unit named 1. Queen Island Tours & Travels. All the production unit are contributing in country’s main export earning garments sector as backward linkage. The ultimate goal of the company is to create employment in textile field that will assist the continuing growth of national economy. By the production unit of Kohinur Textile we want to offer a good quality brand with attractive price in our local market.
Our main product is Woven Fabrics, Non-woven Padding & Quilting Fabrics which are mainly used in Ready-Made Garments Industry.

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