All Over Print Fabric

In streetwear fashion, an all over print (also known as all-over-print) is a print composed of a design that is repeated across the entire surface of a garment. The image is on both the front and back. Often, such prints are screen printed. Other processes include dye-diffusion of the fabric itself.

A system and method which allows for a pre-constructed article of clothing which can have printing on substantially all of its external surface area. Specifically printed across multiple components of a clothing article. The method generally provides for transfer of a digital image, such as a digital photograph, to be applied to an article of clothing within a manner that prints an entire two-dimensional surface of the clothing with a coherent image, that maintains coherency when the article of clothing is worn. There is also provided an article of clothing produced using the systems and methods. 

Our Regular AOP Fabric

  • AOP on 100% Cotton Poplin fabric
  • AOP on 100% cotton Sheeting fabric
  • AOP on 100% cotton Voile fabric
  • AOP on 100% cotton twill fabric
  • AOP on CVC and PC fabric
  • AOP on 100% Polyester Fabric
  • AOP on 100% viscose FAbric
  • AOP on 100% cotton Chmbray fabric
  • AOP on CVC Chambray and CVC oxford chambray fabric.
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