Chambray Fabric

Chambray, although quite similar to denim, is a double-ply cotton fabric with a tight weave. It consists of white filler thread woven using a colored background thread. However, unlike denim, it has a plain weave, thus it is smoother and lighter in weight. Moreover, it is rugged but light, making it apt for work wear as well as summer-weight shirts and/or skirts.

More often than not, Chambray comes in blue yet can be found in various colors. The colored threads might appear pretty much prominently, but once you look closely, you’ll notice that the white thread is woven in; thus giving its color a slightly faded look. Chambray is usually solid, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t multicolored, patterned weaves. The fabric is really soft and smooth, and has a slight luster.


Uses of Chambray Fabric

Chambray has since been used for all sorts of clothing. However, it’s best for shirt fabric or button-down shirts that come with long sleeves and collars – oxfords for example. On the other hand, some used it for light summer wears – namely, shorts, skirts, tops, sneakers and even dresses. The best examples are lycra and spandex, both of which can be woven into chambray so as to produce stretch fabrics for lightweight pants in numerous designs.

Our Regular Chambray & Oxford chambray

We produce chambray fabric by cotton and CVC yarn.Our regular construction are –

  •  20×20/60×40
  • 20×20/70×50
  • 30×20/70×50
  • 40×40/104×70
  • 40×40/133×72
  • 40+40X40/2/104×52
  • 40+40×30/2/104×48
  • 40+40×20/2/100×42
  • 150Dx20/1x110x42
  • 150Dx30/2x110x46
  • 150Dx40/2x110x48
  • 100Dx40/2/110×52
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