What is Cotton-Spandex Twill?

This Medium Weight cotton twill fabric is soft with a full fold drape and lots of stretch across the grain. It is perfect for pants, jackets, skirts and dresses.

Our Regular Construction:

  • 2oX20+70D/116X58
  • 20×16+70D/140×60
  • 30×30+40D/140×70
  • 30×20+20D/140×70
  • 40×40+40D/140×70
  • We can produce customize product as per customer requirement.

Uses of Cotton-Spandex Twill

Cotton -spandex twill are mainly used for bottom item such as pant ,Trouser,Chino etc.The main advantage of cotton -spandex twill fabric is comfort to use due to its elasticity properties .

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