Sheeting Fabric

The sheeting is a material which is used to cover any other object. In the term of textile, word sheeting is used for the fabric to be using for bed linen. The fabrics made of cotton fibres having low GSM , maximum possible EPI, PPI woven with plain, warp rib and weft rib weaves are generally known as cotton sheeting fabrics. This fabric is mostly used to make bed linen like spread sheet, fitted sheet, quilt, pillow cover etc. The most popular sheeting constructions to be used in textile industry are given below

Regular Construction sheeting fabric

The most common used sheeting constructions are –

  • 20×20/52×54
  • 20×20/54×56
  • 20×20/60×60
  • 30×30/60×60
  • 30×30/68×68

Uses for Sheeting Fabric

Sheeting fabric is used not only for bed linens but also for quilt backs, drapery linings, tablecloths, tents and anything for which extra wide lengths are preferable to having to seam smaller pieces together. Its lower cost also makes it a good choice for test garments and for protecting sensitive plants from frost as well as for costuming

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