Yarn Dyed Fabrics

When a fabric is woven using dyed yarns are known as yarn dyed fabric. Yarn dyeing is done in sheet form or rope forms. Hank dyeing and cheese dyeing is also done at yarn stage. For an example – checks and stripes in shirting fabrics are yarn dyed fabric. Denim is an example of yarn dyed fabric.

arn dyed fabric woven with dyed yarns, the yarn dyeing can be divided into two types: colored yarn and dyed yarn, commonly referred to as woven fabric, however, knitting machine can make yarn dyed knitting fabric too. Compared to dyeing fabric, the yarn dyed fabrics have unique style but higher on price. Because of the yarn dyed yarn, weaving, finishing the total loss is relatively large; the production volume is less than grey fabric, so the cost increases

Our Regular Product:

We produce the below yarn dyed fabric regularly on cotton,viscose and polyester.

  • Yarn dyed poplin
  • Yarn dyed sheeting
  • Yarn dyed twill
  • Yarn dyed chambray
  • Yarn dyed oxford chambray
  • Yarn dyed herringbine
  • Yarn dyed voile
  • Yarn dyed dobby
  • Yarn dyed fill-a-fill
  • Yarn dyed flanne
  • Yarn dyed seer sucker
  • Yarn dyed dog’s tooth
  • Yarn dyed check and stripe with lurex

Advantages of yarn dyed fabric

Compared with printing fabric and dying fabric, the yarn dyed fabrics have obvious advantages on color, stereo, color fastness. However, due to yarn dyeing, weaving, finishing and other processes loss, therefore, high input costs, high technical requirements. Accounted for only 7% of the global textile industry, dyed fabric and denim is the highest, the future with the consumer demand for clothing color, more fashionable and changeable, the development prospect of the yarn dyed fabric is till very good. Yarn dyed jacquard fabric refers to the yarn dyed in different colors before weaving, this kind of fabric is not only jacquard effect and color is rich and soft, it is a high stranded product in jacquard. The yarn dyed jacquard fabric is woven into the high quality grey fabric directly, therefore, it can not be washed with water, to avoid the shortcoming of the printing fabric to wash and fade.

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